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Details of Advanced English For Electrical Engineering
Book Name: Advanced English For Electrical Engineering
Author: Susilawati
Publisher: Poliban Press
Category: Literature
ISBN (Print): -
ISBN (Electronic): 978-623-5259-19-2

Book description

Advanced English for Electrical Engineering (Student Book)" is a comprehensive guide for advanced learners in the field. Starting with an exploration of electrician careers, it covers career definitions, paths, and practical tips. Subsequent chapters address language skills for professional communication, including job inquiries, duty, pay expressions, and work idioms. The book provides a detailed guide to job interviews, application letters, and curriculum vitae writing. A midpoint assessment, the "Middle Test," allows progress evaluation. The latter part delves into technical aspects of electrical engineering, covering grounding systems, service entrances, induced voltage, panels, and direct strike damage, complemented by technical vocabulary and exercises. Authored by [Author's Name], it offers an integrated approach to language proficiency and technical knowledge.

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